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2. Player

In order to register as a user, you must enter the web and select any of the main buttons that appear in the top bar or slider (Figure No. 1 Player – Home Page).

Figure No. 1 Player – Home Page

Once on the registration page you must place the personal data to be registered in the system (Figure No. 2 Player – Registration page):

Figure No. 2 Player – Registration page
  1. Date of birth: Date of birth of the player.
  2. Names: The names of the player.
  3. Surname: Player’s last name.
  4. Email: Player’s contact email.
  5. Username: Unique name of the player to access the web.
  6. Password of the player: Secret password of the player to enter the web.
  7. Country: Country to which the player belongs.
  8. City: City to which the player belongs.
  9. Position: Preferred position of the player.
  10. Accept terms and conditions: You must select the check accepting the terms and conditions to register.
  11. Continue: Pressing continue will be registered and will be directed to the login page to login with your user or email and your new password
  12. Icon to enter with facebook: If the user wants to start with facebook later, he must select the icon and redirect him to facebook where he will accept to provide information as his useful data for the web and his profile photo.
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